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Sisters Amy Cronhelm and Liza Cronhelm are the designers and owners of Wild Jewels, a New Zealand company specializing in hand crafted jewelry using natures finest creations.

The sisters grew up at the end of the Coromandel Peninsula on a remote sheep and cattle farm and have an engrained love of nature and the outdoors. They had an adventurous childhood on the farm riding horses, motorbikes and enjoying the pristine waters of their rugged coastline. Learning to dive at a young age, they never envisaged what an important part the paua (New Zealand Abalone) they loved to gather as children would play in their adult lives.

Both Amy and Liza have a passion for travel and embracing new cultures which has been an inspiration in their artistic journey.

Amy and Liza love their Wild Jewels Collection and creating jewelry designs that are both stunning and unique. Their Wild Jewels unites Nature’s creations – New Zealand paua shell, Mother of Pearl, sterling silver, freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones from around the world. The sisters’ designs embody nature, strength and elegant lines infused with the energy of fine hand crafted work. To ensure the highest quality of paua shell the sisters’ personally select each piece. Paua shell is considered to be the brightest colored shell in the world and has a spectacular array of blues, greens, purple and pinks.  Each piece of paua shell has its own unique color and markings and when combined with hand crafted sterling silver creates a ‘one of a kind’ piece.

Not only do Amy and Liza create beautiful jewelry but they have beautiful hearts.  A major focus for their company and their personal philosophy is about being philanthropic and making a difference in the world.  After they lost their brother Michael to cancer in 2004, Amy and Liza formed The Michael Cronhelm Foundation Trust.

In 2010 they along with volunteers built and opened The Michael Cronhelm Foundation Trust Library in the extremely remote, under-resourced community of Ileret in the northern frontier of Kenya and in 2012 they started a preschool.  Their goal to build more educational facilities in the form of a Primary School and High School in Northern Kenya are essential in enabling the children of the area to further their academic potential and assist them to achieve their dreams.

Amy and Liza thank you for purchasing a piece from their Wild Jewels collection.  Their company Wild Jewels generously assists the Michael Cronhelm Foundation Trust in continuing its valuable work in Kenya.

With love and happiness,

Amy & Liza


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