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The ultimate compliment for an artist is to have you love their work! It is such a wonderful feeling when we receive an email from you (and we love getting a photo too!), saying how much you love your piece of Wild Jewels!
Time after time the comment made is “I always receive so many lovely compliments when I wear my Wild Jewels” – it really feels good to wear something that stands out in the crowd!
The following testimonials are from people, just like you, from around the world who wanted to share their thoughts about Wild Jewels.
Use the following email link to send us your thoughts!   EMAIL: info@wildjewels.net

Dee Brown
I was lucky enough to be on a cruise ship and see the collection of incredibly beautiful Wild Jewels, and was so excited by them, I couldn't decide which to buy. I liked one set and my husband the other - so he bought both! Since then I have had so many compliments whenever I have worn them - particularly the Oceans Seven necklace and earrings, which look amazing with black. The other set was the MOP silver haze, which has rarely been in the box since I got it - it goes with absolutely everything. It is such a privilege to have come across these beautiful, quality designs.
Vicky Cesmecioglu
Beautiful jewellery made with a lot of love and care which shows in the jewelry.
Victoria Butt
Thank you Wild Jewels your silk scarf's are SO luxurious and decadent! Absolutely love the colour, perfect ...now I want a rainbow of them x
Wendy Krentz Smith
Just received the Tidal Marina necklace in the mail and I love it! Can't wait to wear it out tonight.
Suzanne Childers
I bought a beautiful bracelet when I was on the Shadow last year. I can't wait to see what beautiful things are onboard when I return in February!
Norine Tempelman
I met you on the Celebrity Century ship on the cruise from Sydney to Auckland the last two weeks in January. I first purchased the Paua Atol necklace and earrings on board and I think the last purchase of the mother-of-pearl earrings. I can't tell you how many compliments I get when I wear the paua necklace and earrings. They are so beautiful and compliment several of my outfits.
Emma McLaurin
I am now safely at home after a wonderful cruise to New Zealand and Australia--my dream trip. Your jewelry is lovely and, I am looking forward to receiving my earrings. Thanks so much.
img_2778 sandpiper ring v3
Angelo Fernandez
1 of 2 Wow! They're making a ring just for Linda? Now, that's really special! We're doing just fine and still relishing our cruise, which you and your professionalism made it a memorable event. Angelo 2 of 2 The beautiful ring arrived today along with your very thoughtful & touching card. Linda immediately put her new, perfect fit ring on. I doubt she'll take it and the rest of her Paua ensemble off any time soon. Thank you for your continuous information and updates. We hope to see you on the Marina in September 2014, sailing along the French, Portuguese, and Spanish coastline!
Judith Rolfe
Welcome home! Lori and I so enjoyed meeting you on the cruise and so happy to support your important work in Kenya. Your jewelry is so beautiful and my family are I enjoying each piece I purchased.
IMG_2782 Mombasa Ring V1
Donna Gerard
The ring arrived today. It is beautiful and fits perfectly. I will hardly ever take it off.
Cecilia Dobrin
I am SO EXCITED! I received your beautiful bracelet today and I am thrilled with the way you altered it. Perfect look and fit!! Thank you so much for doing this for me. I am celebrating my birthday with my children and grandchildren on Sunday and will definitely wear it for that. I had mentioned to my daughters-in-law that Steve purchased a beautiful bracelet for me on the cruise and they will get to see it this weekend. Again, thank you so much. I will treasure it forever. Warmest wishes for good health and happy moments.
Lynn Peaty
I received my earrings yesterday (Monday) and got a surprise when I found the second pair of pearl earrings. Special! Thank you. Thank you so much for getting them to me so quickly, I will be wearing my Sea Star and earrings on Christmas Day. Have a lovely Christmas girls. I am sure your business will prosper in 2012.
Debra Butt
Well, the 2 beautiful brooches arrived today. They are gorgeous, I am looking forward to sending one off to London, to a friend, for her 40th birthday. She will love it.  
Andrea Marotta
Dear Liza & Amy, I received my order today. Each one of the three pieces is uniquely beautiful. Ordinarily I would never buy jewelry online, but about a year ago I purchased a pair of earrings from Amy while on a Celebrity Cruise so I knew I could expect quality workmanship. (I remembered her name because I also have a daughter Amy.) On November 24th, Thanksgiving Day for us in the U.S.A.,I will meet with my extended family and will pass on your business and foundation cards to any- one who admires the Sea Star brooch which I intend to wear that day. Best of luck with all your endeavors.  
Laella Perkins
I purchased a Sea Star Pendant--Silver Dot & Paua Star Pendant - Code WJN65 (on a 18 " chain) in November 2008, when on a cruise (Volendam) around New Zealand. This became my favorite piece of jewelry.
Robert Lewis
Dear Amy: The bracelet that you made for Suanne arrived in our mailbox on Saturday.  It is beautiful--just like all of your work.
NP01-W NECKLACE white Pearl IMG_9537
Anne Ambercrombie
The postman just arrived with my Wild Jewels and they are gorgeous!! They'll be christened tonight when I wear them to a fancy end of season party. Soooo exciting!  Thank you so much for the wonderful service, and hopefully we'll cross paths again sometime.  
Jan Hughan
Wild Jewels have a fantastic range of absolutely stunning jewellery. It is of excellent quality and very eye catching.  I LOVE the designs, which I was introduced to onboard Marina this year. Being a New Zealander, the use of Paua Shell appealed to me......and the ear rings I purchased for a gift are just beautiful. If you are looking for a unique gift for someone dear to you or for yourself, the on-line site is a quick, efficient way to buy a very special gift. The work the Wild Jewels crew do in Kenya is also an inspiration.  I look forward to wearing your jewellery and passing on your story with pride. Was a pleasure to meet Amy & Liza of Wild Jewels.....all the best for your future ventures. Jan

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