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The Michael Cronhelm Foundation Trust

Our Story

With his huge smile and love of life, Michael was an inspiration to us all. His love of Kenya deepened whilst he worked with the Koobi Fora Field School as the lead mechanic and head of logistics.  Very sadly in 2004 Michael lost his life to cancer.

In honor of their brother Michael, Amy and Liza established The Michael Cronhelm Foundation Trust (MCFT), a New Zealand registered charity. The MCFT was founded to assist Kenyan children with their education and to help them realize their dreams and potential. Wild Jewels is one of the major supporters of the foundation.

In 2005 Amy and Liza helped support a primary school in Laikipia providing books, sporting equipment and school uniforms.

Early in 2009 they planned a lasting legacy to Michael’s life that would benefit the Daasanach people living in the Northern Frontier of Kenya. Michael spent much of his time in Kenya working close to the small village of Ileret, on the eastern shore of Lake Turkana. Ileret being vastly remote and hugely under resourced the MCFT decided to build a memorial library.  In the spirit of collaboration, consultation and with dedicated groups of volunteers the library was built and opened in September 2010 for the community of Ileret.

The library was welcomed into the community with an emotional opening ceremony.  A celebration not only in recognition of the challenges of succeeding with a project of this nature in one of the most remote parts of the world, but for the huge educational assistance this would give the children of this remote marginalized village.

Since opening in September 2010, the library has been staffed by a librarian and three assistants funded by donations from generous friends of The Michael Cronhelm Foundation Trust worldwide. Not only has this provided a much needed income to the staff and their families, it most importantly, has brought together a wonderful dedicated group of people who are focused on inspiring children to learn through a love of reading.

In May 2012 the MCFTNursery School was opened with 110 enrollees. The children started learning Kiswahili and have now progressed to English. At the end of the lesson they have a meal of porridge to sustain them on the long road home.

In 2014 another Nursery School will be opened along with the start of the much needed High School project.

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